How to design a great logo

Before getting deep down in the question How to design a great logo. It would be great if we understand humans before. Business is nothing but understanding of humans and their needs. These are humans who buy, who sell, who like and who dislike. So it’s important to understand how we “The Humans” perceive things, how we think and how we understand some concept.

Google Brand System - Motion by Adam Grabowski
Google Brand System – Motion by Adam Grabowski

Philosophy Behind a Great Logo

Let’s start with understandings for any understanding we need previous understandings. For example if I say black nobody can understand black until we have some example before. This is how we make philosophies and understandings. A brain makes new philosophies on the previous memories and experiences. Take time observe old successful logos, their compositions, colors, shapes and overall feel and behavior. This’ll train your mind to make a good visual thinking. After sometime you’ll see a great reflection in your work.

Eyes and a Great Logo

Eye loves colors. These colors trigger your emotions and that’s how the brain mark something important or useful. By choosing the right color we can emotionally connect with our audience, our customers. Logo is a stamp on the brain. Logo is one sight solution for all your design problems. It’s a birth of your brand visual journey, your recognition and success.

Volusion Final Animation by Ramotion
Volusion Final Animation by Ramotion

Let’s break a logo in tiny units. What a logo visually consist of? shapes, colors and fonts. Sometime only shapes and colors. By choosing the right color, font and shape it is very much possible to attain a good logo. But the soul of a logo is concept. We can drive a concept from the business vision, mission statements. The clearer version of business mission results into stronger logo. If business mission is not clear it is hard to attain a great logo.

Color Theory, Balance, Rhythm, Understanding of Shapes, visual consistency are the key points to understand before any technical practice. Illustrators, Photoshop are just tools to draw that.

Logotype by Paulius Kairevicius
Logotype by Paulius Kairevicius

Now we are aware enough to understand visual and thinking process while designing a logo. Now let’s move to the modern age requirements and trends. Design evolved a lot after the technological boom. Now design is a very serious and technical job.  You need to have 3 minds at the same time, the business mind, the marketing mind and an artist mind for this. Design is growing it’s going to have more subtle and minimal approaches.

One liner for good logo is “It remains modern in every era it remains memorable”

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