How to win more Jobs on upwork as a Graphic Designer

Wining job on upwork is not a piece of cake in 2022. Market is saturated and compitiion is no doubt high. As a graphic designer it is quite difficult to find the relavent jobs and potential clients. In this blog post I tried to share the process i am using right now as a strategy to win more jobs on upwork as a graphic designer. So this is basically a 4 step process mentioned below. If you master  these 4 steps the probability of winning new jobs increases.

  1. Client Assessment
  2. Job Assessment
  3. Bid/Proposal
  4. Pricing

Step 1 : Client Assessment

Knowing client is the first step in the process. It is the most integral part in job winning cycle. If the client assessment is good your probability of winning the job get increases. What information or estimation about the client you can infer from different variables provided by upwork.

  • Ability to Pay
  • Possibly a good time to bid
  • Potential of long-term Client
  • What is the best price for the client

General Overview

  • Payment Verified
  • Total Spent
  • Country (USA, Europe)

Detailed Analysis

  • City/Time
  • Hire rate
  • Active Jobs
  • Member Since
  • Client History/Types of Job
  • Status (Recroter, Middle Man, direct employee)
  • Last viewd by client

Step 2:  Job Assessment

  • Level 1 Jobs : Ability+Experience+Portfolio+Similar Projects = Job Requirements
  • Level 2 Jobs : Ability+Experience+Portfolio = Job Requirements
  • Level 3 Jobs : Ability+Experience = Job Requirements
  • Level 4 Jobs : Ability = Job Requirements

Step 3: Bidding

Cover letter :

  • Be Original / No copy past
  • Match tone: If he is detailed be detailed, if he is short and descript
  • Understand client perspective (understand what is important for him/her)
  • Stay relevant and solution oriented


  • Send relevant work if possible
  • Send Best of your work

Step 4: Pricing

How you can quote the winning price your bid/proposal?
There are basically 2 variables from where we can analyse the winning price.
First client budget for the project. Now we can increase price or decrease price after analysing the client’s history. We’ll look what he/she paid for the similar jobs and neglecting the fact that what is his/her budget and we’ll quote the price accordingly.






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