12 Passive Income Ideas | A complete Guide & Analysis

Please set your expectations before reading this piece of content, this blog post will help you in following points:

  • Exploration: We’ll explore different ways of earning online so that you can choose what is the best fit for you
  • Skillset: The skillset you required to dive in any of the following ways
  • Tools: The tools you have to learn for any specific passive income stream
  • Time & Duration: On Average time you are required to expect some earning
  • Resources: What resources are required to start Time, Information, Money

Domain Fliping

Niche Website


Affiliate Marketing

YouTube Channel

Content Creation

For content creation. First, we should have something to tell. Ideas for the content. Content management skills.

Story/Skill/Hobby: Do you have anything to share with the world any story, skill, or hobby? You are required to have some sort of grip or interest in some topic so that you can share this with the world using YouTube.
Ideas for the content:
Video Editing: For video, we should have the skill of any of the video editing software. Some renowned software is Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects.
Thumbnail Designing: For thumbnails, we should have the skill of any graphic design tool to make good thumbnails. Some software like Canva, Photoshop, Picmonkey.






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