My Journey of Domain Flipping

I started domain flipping in 2022 and i decided to document my jounery. This is the the first blogspot on my jouney of domain flipping. I’ll try my best to keep journalling and sharing here. I purchased 30 domains from Godaddy, 3 domains from NameCheap and 5 domains from Above.  So in total i have bought 38 domains. I spent total 400$ on these domains including $4 godaddy auction subsciption.

Godaddy Domains:

NameCheap Domains:

Above Domains:

Why i purchased from differnt domain registrars?

So basically i wanted to experience how different registrars are working, their interface and the overall experiences. So far i found Godaddy the best, having said that they are expensive in  domains and renewal cost is also hight. But the point which convinced me was they are having the easisest interface out of all. From Domain research to Listing domains for selling is very very easy and simple. So as a bignner i choose Godaddy to minimize overheads and to remain motivated instead of consuming so much energy in learning the regestrar web interface and i decided to purchase rest of the domains from Godaddy as well.

Increase the propability to get noticed:

  • After purchasing the domains i switch off the WHOIS Privacy Settings for all the domains so that WHOIS details become visible and if somebody wants to contact me directly.
  • Godaddy offers a free listing page so i set all the domain names for sellig
  • Now the interesting part: I setup domain auction which costs me arround $4.99/yr.

Update 1.0 – 18 March,2022

I started a thread on NamePros and share my domain names there. Here is the thread URL.

Update 1.1 – 28 March,2022

I uploaded all domain names on DNforum Market In Domains for Sale – Offer Wanted. Screenshot is attached below and here is the thread url of the thread.






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