How to find low competition high volume keywords

Let’s start with a very basic question: What are low competition keywords?
The keywords that are easy to rank for.

Here we’ll discuss 2 strategies to find low competition keywords with high volume.

Strategy # 1: 5 Steps

Step #1: Brainstorm a list of topics & finding the seed keywords

This means listing down the broad keywords related to your topics. These are called seed keywords. Try to make a list of 5 to 10 different topics. Remember to try those which are not interpreted in different ways.

Step 2: Expand your topics with keyword research tool

Keyword research tool helps you in finding matching phrases with “phrase match report”..

Step 3: Filter keywords with low difficulty scores

Step 4: Check if you can match searcher intent

The searcher’s intent is basically the reason, purpose or thought behind the search’s query. Suppose if someone is searching are they looking for blog posts, product pages or ecommerce category pages. The simplest method to find the searcher’s intent is to google the query. What are the top 10 pages. We can categories search intent into 3 subcategories in one statement 3Cs of searcher’s intent. Let’s explore these 3Cs:

1st C: Content type

  • Blog post
  • Product page
  • Category page

2nd C: Content Format

  • Listical type pages
  • How tos
  • Opinion pieces
  • Step by step tutorials

3rd C: Content angle

Strategy # 2 : Using content explorer

Using content explorer could be a smart choice for low competition keywords obsesion. So how the content explorer research technique will lead us to find a low competition and high volume keywords. Take an example of a pool of content having a lot of content pages. Some have good ranks, some have not. We’ll start by just entering our broad ideas or seed keywords to explore the content.

Here we’ll measure with a yardstick of referring domains and organic traffic. With the help of referring domains we’ll get the results of pages having less backlinks, and the organic traffic filter will help us to get the low competition pages and hence the keywrods.By combining these two things together we’ll find the pages, gaining high organic traffic few backlinks.

That’s how we’ll find the new seed keywords and we’ll again repeat the search mechanism which we defined earlier.






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